France, September 2015
« C'est l'un des jeunes pianistes les plus imaginatifs du circuit,
avec des programmes inventifs et une sonorité raffinée»
Olivier Bellamy – Classica
La Roque d`Anthéron, 2015

«...dès les premières notes de sa Sonate no.1 de Mozart, on comprend que Kotaro Fukuma est un poète du piano»

Jean-Rémi Barland, Festival de la Roque d'Anthéron

Oviedo, April 2012

Un brillante pianista. ...El intérprete japonés dio una visión integradora de la personalidad creativa de la obra de Haydn. ...las obras de Debussy fueron interpretadas por Fukuma con un gusto exquisito, espléndidas en texturas y planos sonoros.

April 26th, Teatro Filarmonica


London, November 2014

"Fukuma may appear to be just one of a number of very gifted pianists from south-east Asia, but even amongst such a plethora of excellence as can be claimed for many of them, his comprehensively superb artistry places him in the exceptional class..."

 Nov.14 Wigmore Hall

Classical Source

Tokyo, January 2012

Fukuma made full use of his steady virtuosity and his skill in transparent color changes. He played brilliantly with fresh inspiration and a sincere approach to the music, capturing the audience throughout the evening."
November 16th, Tokyo Hamarikyu-asahi Hall


Tokyo, January 2012

He understood the texture of the details and played melody lines with natural inflection. Each sound he produced was beautiful and made the music colorful. It was a refined performance, full of wit.

November 16th, Hamarikyu asahi Hall

Ongaku no tomo

New York City, December 2011

Fukuma played with a wonderfully articulate left hand, and excellent all-around clarity of rhythm... impeccable virtuosity... his interpretation seemingly held the audience spellbound with its sudden flare-ups of high octane heat.

December 6, Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall)

New York Concert Review Inc.

Annecy, September 2011

"... le Japonais Kotaro Fukuma (29 ans) est une boule de feu qui enflamme le public dans un programme Liszt abouti. Outre une vélocité à bousculer les montagnes (La Chasse, Ronde des Lutins), il fait preuve d’un sens musical sans faille (La Campanella, Un Sospiro) et d’une fluidité sonore accordée à l’esprit des oeuvres."

Aug.29 Annecy Classical Festival

Annecy, September 2011

"Le pianiste nippon dévoile une sincérité et une délicatesse certaines. Les tableaux se juxtaposent en une fresque pastel. Le public est conquis par sa sensibilité."

Aug.29 Annecy Classical Festival

Berlin, August 2011

"...Bachs Klavierkonzert A-Dur, gespielt von dem fabelhaften jungen Japaner Kotaro Fukuma, der sich am Ende dann noch mit einer Franz Liszt Zugabe selbst übertraf."

Aug.16 im Konzerthaus, with YOA Orchestra

Berliner Morgenpost
London, March 2011

"Such an emphasis lent a quite new aspect to a very familiar piece: some of this playing was Chopin interpretation at its unsettling best. In projecting their contrasting atmospheres both Waldesrauschen and Gnomenreigen were likewise memorable and they left us with an immaculate account of the Grandes Etudes de Paganini. Not an evening to forget: perhaps Fukuma's is a major talent."

Jan.11 Wigmore Hall

Musical Opinion
Tokyo, February 2011

Fukuma brought the entire program together as in a picture scroll. The performance was full of grandeur, intelligence and romanticism.

December 14th, Tsuda Hall

Ongaku no Tomo

Zaragoza, February 2011

"Un joven con mucha edad."

Feb.09 Sala Mozart

Heraldo de Aragon
London, Januar 2011

"Perfectly judged and immaculate, this was playing such as one rarely encounters. A fabulous artist, and at 28 a prince among peers."

Jan.11 Wigmore Hall

The Independent
Leipzig, Germany, November 2010

"Das Publikum liebt den bescheidenen Virtuosen. Und der hat es verdient."

Nov.20 Gewandhaus Mendelssohn-Saal

Leipziger Volkszeitung
Berlin, November 2010

I was impressed by Fukuma's insight into the music and his transmission of the composer's intention in details. The enthusiastic applause was extended at the end of his performance.

August 15th, Konzerthaus Berlin

Mostly Classic

Aubergenvilles, October 2010

"Kotaro Fukuma ovationné à la Maison des arts." Le jeu éblouissant, très spectaculaire...lui valu un tonnerre d'applaudissement."

Oct.03 Maison des Arts Ecole de Musique

Le Courrier

Santander, August 2010

"Fukuma comprendió la obra (Die Fackel im Ohr de Francesco Milita) perfectamente, dando sentido expresivo a todas y cada una de las notas de esta monumental composición."

Aug.21 Festival Internacional de Santander

El Diario Montañés

Oviedo, April 2010

"Fantastico Fukuma -Fukuma abordó con buen temple y perspectiva obras densas y concentradas, superando el primer plano mecánico y llegando más allá en una interpretación sensible a los planos sonoros principales. Toda una demostración de la técnica al servicio de la Música. Obras de carácter fantasioso en las que el discurso adquiere cuerpo sinfónico."

Mar. 30 Teatro Filarmonica

La Nueva España
Wilhelmshaven, January 2010

"Kotaro Fukuma präsentierte Poesie am Klavier... Mit senbilität gestaltete der Pianist sodann die vier Balladen von Frédéric Chopin. Fukuma gelang es mit viel musikalischem Gespür, die wechselnden Stimmungen mit all ihren dynamischen Nuancen darzustellen und dabei gleichzeitig in jeder Ballade einen großen musikalischen Bogen zu spannen."

Jan 09 Villa Semrau

Wilhelmshaven Zeitung

Tokyo, December 2008

A man of as exceptional talent as I have ever seen.

November 19th, Kioi Hall

Ongaku no Tomo

Santander, August 2008

"Fukuma tiene una forma muy sensible y apasionada de compenetrarse en las piezas que toca, haciendo estremecer de emoción a los espectadores."

Aug.3, Palacio de Festival

Mundo Clasico

Santander, August 2008

"Con un estupendo concierto K.488 traducido con claridad de concepto y esplèndidos recursos interpretativos que alcanzaron su mejor momento en el adagio en el que puso bellos acentos expresivo."
Aug.3 Palacio de Festival, with the Real Filharmonia de Galicia

El Diario Montañés

London, June 2008

"Fukuma combines the technical virtuosity with a superb musical sensibility and sensitivity that brings the emotional impact of the works to the surface. The music scene nowadays is overwhelmed with virtuosity but nothing to compare with this young man."

Jun.20, Wigmore Hall

The Churchill Society London

Sarasota, April 2008

"Exceptional pianist offers dash and nuance"
Apr.13, Historic Asolo Theater

Herald Tribune
Bloemfontein, March 2008

"Japanese pianist gives flawless recital...his performance is exceptionally wonderful."


Die Volksblad

Johannesburg, February 2008

"Fukuma is a man of sound in the first place, imperturbable in his pursuit of sonority... left an inerasable impression."
Feb.13, Linder Auditorium, with the Johannesbourg Philharmonic

Thys Odedaal, Beeld

Toulouse, September 2007

"Le jeune Kotaro Fukuma compose un programme raffiné, présente chaque oeuvre avec passion, sincérite et humour et joue le tout avec un instinct poétique supérieur."
Sep.25, Musé des Abattoires

Le Monde de la musique
Toulouse, September 2007

"Impression soleil levant..."
Sep.20,.Musee des Abattoires

Classic Toulouse
Paris, September 2007

Under his keen and beautiful tone, the mysterious universe (of Takemitsu) came to light.

September 20th, Paris Archipel


Monte Argentario, Italy, August 2007

"Magico Fukuma"
Aug.1, Concerti in Monte Argentario

Corriere della Maremma
Port Elizabeth, September 2006

"Standing Ovation for brilliant young pianist with extrovert flair"
Sep.6, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth Herald
Green Lake, WI, July 2006

"In detail and overall architecture, this was an exceedingly fine performance, one which led directly to a desire to hear more from this winsome young pianist."
Jul.15, Green Lake Music Festival 

Northeast Wisconsin Music Review

Lincoln, March 2006
"Just as strong an offering was the young Fukuma's rendition of the Beethoven's third concerto."

Mar.11, Lied Center for Performing Arts

Post Lincoln Journal

Sanibel, FL, March 2006

"An extraordinary Pianist"


Sanibel Review

Glens Falls, NY, March 2005

"Fukuma seemed totally at ease in Bartok's unrelenting Concerto2.
He played with great conviction that never slackened."

Mar.6, Glens Falls High School, with the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra

The Post Star

Canton, OH, December 2004

"Japanese pianist impresses audience"

Dec.5, Umstattd Performing Arts Hall

Canton Repository

Louisville, KY, November 2004

"Young pianist triumphs over program's challenges... there are times, when I really, I mean really, love this job. "

November 9th, University of Louisville

James Town, NY, November 2004

"Such a fine performance comes only a few times in anyone's lifetime, even if the person devotes his life to attending concerts."

Nov.22, Jamestown concert series

The Post Journal

Cleveland, OH, February 2004

"He has already established himself as a concert pianist with a burgeoning international career."

February 11th, Severance Hall

The Plain Dealer

New York City, November 2003

"Fukuma has found a way to avoid the pressure toward interpretive cautiousness that has made the competition circuit so deadly. He played (Brahms) with articulation, coloristic flexibility, and a sense of grandeur couched in terms of sober modesty."

November 18th, Lincoln Center

New York Times